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Joining The Sapien Tribe

The Sapien Center is for the seekers, the doers, the individuals who are committed to not just existing, but thriving. If you're someone who believes in holistic wellness, authentic relationships, and continuous learning, this is your space.


Our doors are open to those who understand that well-being extends beyond the physical, and who are driven to embrace every facet of life, including in-person connection and community.

What's included in our Membership?

A Community That Feels Like Home 

When you join the Sapien Tribe, you are joining a like minded community of self reliable, honest, hard-working individuals. Co-work alongside brilliant and motivated minds, sit in the sauna and connect, or hang out after hours in a space where you can truly be your unique and authentic self. 

Amenities That Support Your Best Self

Designed around you, your health, and all of your daily needs, our center offers the necessities for a true Sapien lifestyle. Featuring a cozy, raw coworking space, two cold plunges, an outdoor barrel sauna, shower, and a gym space with the equipment needed to keep your sapien nature. Done working out? Cook up some food on any of the outdoor grills and hang by the fire with your feet in the sand alongside your tribe. 


Your Time, Your Way

We understand that life doesn't operate on a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither should the Center. That's why we are open 24/7* to members, providing you the freedom to tailor your visits to your unique rhythm. Whether it's an early morning plunge to start your day or a late-night session to unwind, we're here whenever you need us. 

Immerse in a Wide-Range of Experiences 

Enjoy exclusive access to our carefully curated weekly member-only events as well as the diverse range of community gatherings hosted at the center that span a spectrum of interests, from wellness workshops to captivating talks and playful get-togethers. Additionally, as part of our community, you'll benefit from special discounts to a range of external events hosted at the center and elsewhere to embrace your inner-sapien and have fun. 


Join the Tribe

At The Sapien Center, we believe that the true value of a community lies in the friendships and bonds it nurtures. Whether it is in a sweaty sauna session, a member's game night, or one of our weekly dinners, true connections are built within every conversation.

If this sounds like a community and space you'd like to be a part of and help grow, take the next step and apply to a Sapien today. 

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