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Become a Sapien Center Backer!

Sapien Tribe Virtual Member


Join the Online Sapien Tribe for a Year - Get access to our online group with monthly calls with Brian, Matt and special guests to connect, chat and thrive together. Think of this as a way to connect with other like minded individuals, share ideas, and have access to group calls with one another on a consistent basis. Includes 2 Free Day Passes to the Sapien Center ($79 value).

drop in anytime passes


2 Day Passes to the Sapien Center - Whether you are an Austin local, or want to support the mission and have the ability to hang with the Tribe when you are in Austin, this is your chance. Cold Plunges, Sauna, Grills, Co-working, etc.

founders fund member


Become a Sapien Center Founding Member - At the heart of every tribe is a group of individuals dedicated to seeing the success of the tribe as a whole.  The Founding Membership is reserved for devoted, trusted members who want to be a part of the larger vision and mission.


This will include

  • Access to all future events at The Sapien Center and a 2-year Membership

  • Two One-on-One Calls with Brian Sanders

  • Access to The Sapien Center bi-annual Founders Virtual Mastermind

  • Your Nameplate on our Founding Members plaque in the heart of the Sapien Center.

We are building something magical here and would greatly appreciate you joining the movement. Sign up with one of the options above to support and help the Tribe THRIVE! 

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