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Waiver and Customer Agreement

This form (the “Agreement”) limits the liability of Sapien Center, LLC, it’s landlord, employees and officers (collectively, the “Releasees”) with regards to flotation therapy and infrared sauna services provided to the Agreeing Party, along with all associated use of the facilities located at 2316 Morelos St., Austin, TX 78702

By utilizing services at Sapien Center, I am agreeing to the following statements:
  • I have been given an orientation which familiarized me with the safe and appropriate use of the cold plunges, sauna, gym equipment, fire pit, grills, and other amenities. I agree to take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions while in the facility and the waiver of liability and all agreements made herein shall apply to each and every instance of use of the facility, its products and services;

  • I understand the Releasees can choose to cancel this Agreement, revoke the right to use the facility, refuse service to customers for any reason or cancel an appointment or membership at any time;

  • I understand that no claims, promises, or guarantees of a medical nature or otherwise are being made about results of the use of the cold plunges, sauna, gym equipment or any food, beverage or supplement retail product;

  • I understand that the facilities may have wet areas and will conduct myself safely while on the premises, and take responsibility for any slip and fall incident that may occur;

  • I am capable of entering the cold plunges and/or sauna unassisted, or with the assistance of a present designated aide that is not a staff member or employee of the facility;

  • I have basic knowledge and competence using gym equipment and will not hold the facility responsible for injuries incurred while using this equipment;

  • If accompanying a minor under the age of 18, I take full responsibility for their actions while in the facility and will be present in the facility throughout their session;

  • I will not use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise), or any other controlled or illegal substance;

  • I waive any and all claims that I have or may have in the future against the Releasees and release the Releasees from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury, including death, that I may suffer or that my next of kin may suffer, as a result of my use of services at the facility, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract, or breach of any statutory or other duty of care, on the part of the Releasees;

  • The Releasees are not liable or responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of my property;

  • I hold harmless and indemnify the Releasees from any and all liability for any damage, loss, claim, action, suit or personal injury resulting, directly or indirectly, from my use of the cold plunges and sauna or any food, beverage or supplement retail product. I further agree that if despite this Agreement, I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim against the Releasees, I will indemnify, save and hold harmless the Releasees from any litigation expenses, legal fees, loss, liability, damage or cost which may result from such claim.



  • I have showered thoroughly and removed any and all topical oils, creams, or makeup from my body before use of the cold plunges and sauna;

  • I do not have a communicable or infectious skin condition, disorder, disease or any open sores or wounds;

  • If applicable, my diabetes is under medical control;

  • I do not have incontinence, or voluntarily/involuntarily release of bodily fluids of any kind;

  • I do not have a history of heart trouble, high blood pressure, epilepsy, seizures or blackouts;

  • I have received my doctor’s permission to use the cold plunges and sauna regarding any pre-existing or known medical conditions;

  • I do not have any conditions which may be adversely affected by hot or cold exposure;

  • I do not have kidney disease;

  • If I am pregnant, I have consulted with and received permission from my healthcare provider to use cold plunges and sauna;

  • I have disclosed any health concerns regarding the use of the cold plunges and sauna to staff at the facility;

  • I have not recently dyed my hair, received Keratin treatments or gotten a tattoo. I agree that if I knowingly or unknowingly contaminate the cold plunges or sauna with hair dye, topical substances, bodily fluids or any other contaminant and the solution must be drained, replaced or treated beyond ordinary cleaning and filtration, I am liable for paying a cleaning fee to compensate for time, effort, supplies and cost of lost business in an amount of up to $500.00 to be determined by the Releasees;




  • I agree that payments for memberships are non-refundable. 

  • I am aware that all membership cancellations must be submitted in writing at least 5 days before the next renewal date.

  • I agree that I will be charged full price if I do not show up for my appointment.

  • I will arrive inside the facility at least 10 minutes before any scheduled appointment. I understand that if I arrive more than 5 minutes past the scheduled start time of my session it may be canceled without a refund;

  • Any prepaid appointment cancellations will be automatically converted to a voucher for that same appointment type. Refunds may be requested as long as the cancellation was received at least 12 hours before the scheduled start time.


Member Conduct


  • We retain the right to discontinue membership rights if the member does not meet our member conduct rules and expectations. If it is a minor offense, membership dues can be refunded. Egregious misconduct will result in immediate termination of membership with no refunds;

  • Members are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the values of the Sapien Center and ancestral health community;

  • Members are expected to clean up after themselves when using any and all equipment or amenities on site. We do not offer locker room or clean up services. We are not responsible for providing towels, swimwear, or other supplies;

  • If members leave a mess they will get 1 warning. A 2nd occurrence will result in a $20 fee to their monthly bill;

  • Damage or large messes caused by a member will result in the full cost of resolution by a professional service or replacement added to their membership dues

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